For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

Alfred Graham Hogg

1826 – 30 March 1891

Merchant in China

Compiled by Claire Grey with notes by Gertrude Fox and Anne Nicholls.

Alfred Hogg was the fifth child and eldest son of John Hogg, jeweller and Elizabeth Mugridge.

Born in Perth on 14 February according to his sister Agnes and in about the year 1826 according to 1851 census.

When his father died the family moved back to London and his mother and sisters ran a school in Chiswick. He is not on 1841 census with his mother at the Belgrave Lodge School, but there is an Alfred Hogg aged 15 “upholsterer” at Gerrard Street the right age and from Scotland. He may have been apprenticed at this trade, but this may not be him.

He is on the 1851 census at St Peters Square, Hammersmith, aged 25, living with his mother and his Uncle George at the school run by his sister Agnes. His occupation is “clerk”. It is not known how he came to be a merchant or very much about his life at all.

He married twice. The first time to Eleanor Anne Darvall on I January 1864 in Barrow under Soar Leicestershire, when he was described as a Merchant. Her parents were Joseph Darvall (1791-1859) and Frances Eleanor Hall (1795- 1851). His wife was described by Gertrude Fox as a “ proud daughter of a church dignitary.” The picture on the left may be of her.

"Mrs. Hogg with Mary Graham Hogg October 22? 1867 aged 10 months."

Mary was born in Hong Kong in January 1867.

This photograph was taken in Westbourne Grove, London.


Their daughter Margaret Darvall Hogg was also born in Hong Kong in October in 1872.

They may have had an older child as there is a burial record on line for an Eleanor Anne Darvall Hogg who died in Hong Kong aged 17 months in 1866.

The photograph on the right was sent to Alfred's sister Agnes from Saigon in 1875, a nurse is pictured with the youngest daughter. Their mother died in 1880 in Kensington.

Alfred then married Euphemia Beverly Farquharson on 6 March 1883 at the Presbyterian Church in Queens Park London, his occupation was described as "merchant". He was 56 and Euphemia 39. Euphemia was born in Dundee where her father had a Grocery business. Their daughter Effie was born on 2 March 1885 at 59 Amherst Park, Stamford Hill. Alfred’s occupation was given as “accountant”.

Alfred “always lived in China” according to Gertrude Fox and she adds: “He was a courteous proud and reserved man lived in China and married some proud daughter of a dignitary of the church. Two Chinese bred motherless girls of poor development. His second marriage was to practical Scot Euphemia Farquharson sturdy family one girl trained good voice father died in Egypt. Effie orphan Effie went to America. Maybe given to love of romance.”

Euphemia Hogg died in Margate in 1914. Effie went to Canada not America.

Alfred considered himself to be heir to the title: Graham of Claverhouse. “ Self characterisation” and “ papers proving the facts lost in wreck” comments Gertrude.

It should be noted that this title died out in 1700.

Alfred died on board a ship on 30 March 1891 from heart disease.

His will was written on 5 March 1891 and on 14 May probate was granted.

“Alfred Graham Hogg late of Sutton Lodge Theydon Bois in the county of Essex gentleman who died 30 March 1891 on board steamship “Tongariro” in Bay of Biscay proved by his friends Charles Saunders of 42 Church Street West Ham in the said County, surgeon and Francis William Rawlinson of 127 Leadenhall Street in the City of London, gentleman, the executors.” His personal estate of £1,282 1s 8d. was to be paid into a trust fund for his wife during her life and after her death to his children.

It is not known where he got the income to become a “gentleman”, or why he settled in Essex, except that his mother had lived near Theydon Bois at Woodford and died there in 1860, 30 years earlier.

He seems to be missing on the census of 1861, 1871 and 1881.

His second wife and three children can be found on the 1891 census for Sutton Lodge, Theydon Green Theydon Bois, Essex:
Euphemia B. Hogg head, widow aged 47 living on her own means born in Scotland. Mary G. Hogg daughter aged 24, single, born Hong Kong, teacher, Margaret D. Hogg daughter single aged 20 teacher, born Hong Kong and Effie B. daughter aged 6 born in Hackney Middlesex. There are also three visitors all born in Scotland: Margaret Miller married aged 60, George Miller single aged 20, and Jane C. Farquharson single aged 41 living on her own means. Jane was Euphemia's sister.

Thanks to Tim Darvall for sending information on the Darvall family in 2017.


Alfred photographed in 1865 in a studio that could be in Gracechurch Street or Piccadilly or Fulham.

When first writing up Alfred's life the family were told he was a missionary in China. However this web site was contacted by one of Effie Hogg's descendants in May 2013, to say that records show he was a merchant or accountant. Possibly his first wife's father was a missionary since we know she was connected to the church.

Alfred's descendants still own his gold signet ring with the Graham crest dated 1864, and a large black lacquered lead lined box decorated with the same crest in gold. The lead lid inside is engraved with pictures of chinese people.

His daughter Effie went to Montreal in October 1913 to visit friends, she returned in June 1914. Her mother Euphemia having died in March, she went back to Canada in August 1914 and was married in 1917. She met her husband Arthur Henry Egg through mutual friends, he was a doctor of Music and she had a lovely voice. (The Egg name was later changed to Egerton). They had 2 children Graham and Elizabeth. Effie visited England in September 1939, possibly to see her son Graham who had arrived in 1938 /39 to join the RAF.

Thanks to Anne Nicholls, Alfred's great granddaughter, for the correct information about Alfred and for the pictures on the right and below.


Above: Alfred's copy of the portrait of his mother Elizabeth. This is a glass negative with a blackened back so that it reads as a positive and the original image is therefore reversed.
Right: Large oil painting of an unknown woman who may be his second wife: Euphemia Beverly Hogg nee Farquharson. It could have been painted on the occasion of her marriage to Alfred in 1883 when she was 39.
Left: Euphemia Egerton nee Hogg. The "orphan Effie" described in Gertrude Foxe's notes. She bears a very strong resemblance to some of Annie Dearie's descendants. It looks like our high cheek bones and strong chin came from our Hogg or Mugridge ancestors.