For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

Annie Graham Godwin nee Hogg

1816 to 8 August 1887

Complied by Claire Grey with notes from Gertrude Fox.

Annie Graham Hogg was born in City of London in about 1816. Her sister Agnes gave the date as June 5th 1815.

She was photographed at least once but there is an empty space where her picture was in Agnes’s album.

Annie can be found living with her mother Elizabeth at Belgrave Lodge in Chiswick on the 1841 census.

She married William Godwin an accountant.

They had at least two children, one called William, born in 27 October 1846 at Turnham Green. He became a secretary to a limited company. The other Helen G. Godwin was born about 1845 also in Turnham Green and became a governess.

William married Rose Hannah who appears to be called Nellie on Gertrude Fox’s tree.

Eight children of this marriage are listed on Gertrude’s Fox tree.

The 1911 census shows that Rose had had ten children two of whom had died by the time of the census.

The names that Gertrude gave them do not quite match the names on the census. Gertrude lists: “Archie, Willie, killed in first world war, George civil servant, married late in life, Harold Professor of History at Durham University, Nannie, Margaret (Maggie), Dolly, and John. She appears to have used the name "Nannie" for Rosannah Annie.

On the 1881 census the Godwins can be found living at No 1 Oak Villas in Merton. The houses on both sides were uninhabited at this time. William A. Godwin, head aged 35 born at Turnham Green, his mother Annie G. Godwin aged 65, his sister Helen G. Godwin, aged 36 governess born at Turnham Green, his wife Rose H. Godwin aged 32 born at Henley on Thames Oxford and 4 sons all born in Merton. George Harold, aged 7, John A, aged 6, William R, aged 4, and Richard W aged 1 Rose would also have Rosamund Annie Graham Godwin christened on 10 July 1881

Annie G. died on 8 August 1887 at I Oak villas in Church Lane Merton she was 72. Her daughter in law Rose H. Godwin registered her death.

The 1891 census shows William aged 45, Rose his wife 42, George H. single aged 17, John A. single 16, William R. G. 14, Richard W.G. 11, Rosannah A. G. 9, Dorothy H.G. 7, Margaret W.G. aged 4.

William A. Godwin died on 6 July 1895 at Gainsborough, Durley Gardens Bournemouth aged 49. He was a secretary of a Limited company. G. H. Godwin his eldest son registered his death on July 9th. His will of 3 August leaves his property of £369.1s 5d.to his wife Rose Hannah.

In the 1901 census Rose Hannah is a widow, living with John A. Godwin aged 26 mechanical engineer, and Alfred G.S. Godwin aged 8. She has two boarders and a visitor called Mary J. V. Hunt, a widow of 37 who was born in Paddington.

By The 1911 census Rose Hannah was a widow aged 62.

There are ten rooms at Greenways, Church Lane, Merton Surrey.

"Total children born alive 10, total children still living 8, children who have died 2."

She was living with children George Harold aged 37, clerk in holy orders and professor in the University of Durham, Dorothy Helen (Dolly) aged 27, Margaret Winifred Graham aged 24. Neither Dorothy nor Maggie have a profession or were working. Alfred George was aged 18, a clerk in the civil service, second division Board of Trade. Edward and Oscar Godwin had died.


The Rough family always laughed at the Godwins who they considered rather helpless. None of them could stick to anything or keep a job, they said. “Everything the family took up they never got done.” Yet they appear to have done well according to written records.

The Rough sisters described how once when Harold was at Durham Cathedral their mother Emilie Rough went to visit the Godwins with Cecil and Don Russell. Mrs Godwin was pouring tea out of pot with a broken spout and it went everywhere and she did nothing about it. Harold asked Don to have lunch with him at his club and Don said later that he wouldn’t be seen dead with him.

Family history says that: Maggie worked in a bank, went to Devon and died alone, George was a civil servant who married late in life, Will was killed in the first world war, Harold faded out and Margaret married a man called Smith. (Although it appears to be Nannie who married Smith.)

And Dollie, who had no dress sense according to those stylish Roughs and Russells, ended up living with Jack Russell after he retired. Archie Russell, Jack's son, bought her some suits so she could be presentable. History does not record whether Dolly felt grateful or insulted by this.

Below: Dolly and Jack


In 1967 Nancy Godwin, the daughter of Nannie Godwin replied to a letter of Cecil Rough’s asking about their ancestry. She had become a nun called sister Catherine, and was living at a community called St Michael’s, Ranelagh Rd, Malvern Link, Worcs.

“ Aunty Maggie had a family tree that Uncle Harold or Uncle George worked out and I think it went to Dolly when Aunt Maggie died. When Aunt Dolly died I went through all her things but it wasn’t among them. She may have given it to Uncle Archie. My only relation living now is my brother Bill (Toby in his childhood) who is living in New Zealand.” Her other brother John was an organist at Hong Kong cathedral and was killed in the riots when the Japanese took Hong Kong. His wife and baby son were evacuated to Australia and his son John Christopher married."

Thanks to New Zealand descendents for the additional information to improve the accuracy of Gertrude Fox's family tree.