For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

The Shabeen. The house that Jack Russell and his sons moved into in 1909.

Number 33 Polo Ground Road. "The Shabeen" was one of the bungalows built round the race course. The curved drive can be seen in the centre on the left hand edge of the photograph from 1969. The map above is dated 1935, the one on the right is earlier.

The view from the house looking towards the racecourse, two photographs sent to Emily Rough and found in her album.
Phil, Swan, Bob and Don with a car on the drive.

Jack's postcard of the house sent to Emily Rough in New Malden.

"Our bungalow (The Shabeen) view from the garden. Lawn to the left intended for tennis: come join us. Left hand upstairs veranda early morning tea; that on the right afternoon tea. This imposing structure, in addition to the hall, veranda bathrooms etc. has but 5 rooms: 3 bedrooms upstairs, one downstairs and a dining room. The place is very prettily situated, and the prospect from the veranda lovely; so much so that the last two Sundays have seen me there all day! Two or three evenings I have not gone into town. We have to keep two gardeners, so much grass and so many flowerbeds. We are gradually getting things shipshape, and shall be fairly tidy by the time G and M pay us their first visit. We expect them early next week. Yrs Jack."

The porch with Don, Swan and Bob in the doorway.
A view of the house from Archie's album.
Bob dressed for riding with an unknown man.
A later picture showing the tennis court and taller trees.
From Emily's album.
The Russell family outside the house. From the left: Phil, George, Archie, Bob, Jack, Don with George's wife Madeleine sitting down.
The same group without Phil who might have taken the picture?

On the field.

Bob and George played polo, (George is second from the right in the cup winner's line up). Don was said to have owned a number of good polo ponies. The Shabeen must have been very convenient. Archie and Jack were not sporty but are seen in the above photo, socialising and possibly having a bet. Phil played golf at the golf club.