For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

Archie's diary for 1901

Archie's diary entries for 1901 are sparse and hard to read.

In January he writes to tell Phil of his increase in salary, a crocodile is mentioned. He writes to Mr. Chalk during the year about literature. In August he writes a letter to his uncle telling him there is no fear of Bubonic plague. In August he orders more books from Kelly and Walsh including Walton’s essays and Aesop’s fables, and “ Sjit Yam Chi Nam”. There are two mentions of a Mr. H. E. Turner, which appear to be about books or stories. One has next to it the note; “ Germany; China VI moon ”

The accounts become cursory: in January he appears to buying wood and cigars for his father. They then skip to April, with costs for more wood, and he mentions buying pills in June from Dr Williams, and in October for 1600 pieces of firewood. In January he thanks Mr. Chalk for presents, On Jan 5th he writes about a trip to ?Semfram on 22 he mentions £2.20 on a book for C. on Motorcars by Beaumont. Mr. Chalk thanks him when he receives them in a letter in March. The last entry shows Mr. Chalk's initials with the words "AKC with Draft 2nd of Ex £200."