For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

KEDAH AND PERLIS REPORT. The annual report by Mr. M. S. H. McArthur, British Adviser, on the State of Kedah for the twelve months, 7th October 1918 to September 25, 1919. ………The Warden of Mines Mr. F. C. Marshall reported that the only workings of any size or importance to the State, those belonging to Mr. J. A. Russell at Sintok in North Kedah, were closed down during the year, this causing a blow to the prosperity of the district in which they are situated…….. The output of tin-ore dropped to 1,896 pikuls during the year. The streams which in previous years produced well, appear to be exhausted…..The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser , 8 July 1920, Page 22
George. My darling Tristan, I arrived safely in George after a nice long sleepy sort of train journey. I spent the time reading letters from the manager of the business in Malaya. They are opening up some fresh passages in the mine at Sintok to see if they can find some more wolfram. Wolfram is used to mix with steel to make a metal which can be sharpened to the finest hardest blades, for knives and bayonets and munitions. This mine is right away in the jungle and there must be a lot of springs in it because it is dripping wet in the passages and water is always ankle-deep. The Wolfram is in an ore called tungstone ore and you can see it like black and white marble streaks in the rock. The seam of ore is called the lode, sometimes the lode of ore is easy to follow through the rock but this isn't, it is all broken up and higgledepigety as though there had been an eruption which had broken up the original veins of the lode. How the lode got in the rocks I must find out. Tin got in the rocks by shooting up from the boiling hot centre of the earth into cracks in the granite. The cracks came in the granite when it cooled and contracted.... Lots and lots of love from Mummy Letter to Tristan Russell from his mother, possibly written during WW2
The State of Kedah. British Adviser's Annual Report. The following are extracts from the annual report on the State of Kedah for the Year A.H. 1341 (August 23, 1922 to August 13, 1923) by the Hon. Mr. W. Peel, British Adviser. The total revenue from all sources connected with mining amounted to $71,542, an increase in $10,652 as compared with the previous year. This increase was due to the increased production consequent on the development of the lode workings at Bukit Kachi Mines and to the recovery in the price of tin.The Straits Times, 28 April 1924, Page 2

22.2.55 B Kachi ‘Dam for retention of tailings’
22.2.55 B Kachi
20.12.54 B Kachi
22.2.55 B Kachi
22.2.55 B Kachi

1946 minutes of J.A.R. and Co. Ltd.

11 October J.A.R. & Co. Ltd. minutes note that ... they were organising selling off machinery at the Sintok mine.

Office Kedah Managers Russell and Co. Alor Star, asks to purchase Chandu from Government Chandu shop at Changloon for his coolies at the mines at Sintok. Document on Kedah notepaper, dated 1 November 1939. Written in Malay. Departmental Papers Admn. in the National Archives of Malaysia 2883/1339 Summarised by Wong Yee Tuan.
Supplement to the “F.M.S” Government Gazette, May 2, 1924 GEOLOGIST’S ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1923
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Directory of Malaya 1929. From National Archives of Malaysia