For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

Ethel's parents were Frederic James Burton and Ellen Florence Baker. Her father was a commercial traveller. On the 1891 census she was aged 2 living with her parents at 10, Deronda Road in Lambeth, with her two older brothers Frederick C. E. Burton and Harry J. Burton. Her two brothers were born in Camberwell, her birthplace was recorded as Herne Hill. The family had one domestic servant. In 1901 they were living at 305, Norwood Road, Lambeth. Ethel was aged 12, living with one brother Fred who at the age of 17 was a shipbroker's clerk. Her other brother Harry, aged 16, was not at home but can be found at Crediton Grammar school in Devon, whose headmaster was his uncle James E. Burton. By 1911 the family were living at 58, Alleyn Road, Dulwich, her brother Fred aged 27 was still at home and now a private secretary, while Harry aged 26 was an insurance clerk.

Ethel Florence Burton Born 12 May 1888 at Herne Hill , South London. Married Donald Oscar Russell in 1915 in Epsom. Died 1987

She married Don Russell on 28 August 1915. Don had been sent to Crediton Grammar School in Devon in 1902 for his secondary education. It was during the school holidays that he met Ethel the headmaster’s niece.
Above and right: Photographic post card dated 7 August 1912, which appears to be American. Ethel joined the Red Cross at the beginning of the First World War, against her parents wishes . She had also trained as a singer, but, much to her regret, her father refused to let her perform except at charitable concerts.
Don returned to Kuala Lumpur with Ethel after being invalided out, in 1917. They lived in a single story planter’s-type bungalow at 98 Ampang Road not far from the then centre of Kuala Lumpur. Their first child, Barbara, born in Kuala Lumpur, died as a baby in 1918. Peter Alan Russell, their next child was also born in Kuala Lumpur on 2nd February 1919. Above: Ethel and Don in their house on the Ampang Road , and below in front of the house with their car.
Don and Ethel with Peter
Ethel with Don's brother Phil, probably taken in K.L. before 1918.

Don, Ethel and their two children moved to live in HongKong in late 1922 or early 1923. They lived at Mount Gough on the Peak, and Ethel used to have to use a lot of alcohol to keep Xmas Puddings because of the humidity. Another two children were born there, Marjorie Aileen Russell on 3rd September 1923 and Richard Andrew Russell on 29th October 1925. The family returned to England in 1926 to live at Glyn House, Epsom.

Left: Ethel with Richard (Dicky) born in 1925. Right: Marjorie Photographs taken in the U.K. and found in Hilda Russell's' album.
Don and Ethel went to England briefly in 1922 and stayed with Ethel’s parents in Sutton, Sussex, during which time David Oscar Russell was born on 14th May 1922.
Ships passenger lists show the family returning to the UK:" Arrival at London on 6 April 1926 from Hong Kong, China, on the "Hector", Blue Funnel Line,1st Class. D. O. Russell, Occupation, Merchant, aged 38, Mrs. Russell, aged 37 Mast. P. A. Russell aged 7, Mast. D. O. Russell, aged 4, Miss. M. A. Russell aged 2 1/2 , Mast. R. A. Russell, aged 5 1/2 Address: Stansted Hotel, Cheam Road, Sutton, Surrey. London." There are conflicting versions about their move to Epsom. Don maintained it was for Ethel’s health in a cooler climate, and that Ethel wanted to be with the children as they grew up and attended school. Ethel, said that it was on Don's insistence that she stayed in Epsom while he went back to the Far East. Don having had to spend all his holidays as well as term time at school, he was very insistent that the same thing should not happen to his own children. Ethel was not happy at the split. Ethel stayed in England, but Don spent most of his time in China attending to the businesses. David remembered that his father used to return at "school report" time. Another daughter, Elizabeth Ann was born in Epsom.
Right: Ethel with her sons Peter, David and Richard.
Above: At their wedding with Burton relatives.
Above: David.
Elizabeth aged 18 months.
David and Peter.
Don with Dicky.
Dicky with the children's nurse or amah.
Ethel with the children: David, Peter, Majorie and Richard. Taken at Glyn House soon after they moved in, in 1926.
In December 1930 Ethel went to care for her father-in-law Jack, in Wimbledon, when he was dying. A family story reports that Jack asked her promise to stick by Don despite his behaviour. Don was imprisoned in Stanley Camp in W.W.2 and was never able to settle afterwards.
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Right: Elizabeth with her grandfather Frederic James Burton, known to the grandchildren as Grandpa B. The photo was taken in the garden of the house where he lived in Sutton. Elizabeth recalls that: "it was on a corner facing a small park and that there was always a cut glass jar with a lid which stood on the top shelf of the dresser which contained Glacier Mints for us children"
The children: from the left, Elizabeth, Richard, Marjorie, David and Peter.
Left: Ethel photographed in the Sutton studio of David Knights-Whittone. Knights-Whittome was widely known and respected but he gave up his studio in the latter part of WW1. Knights-Whittome glass negatives have been saved and archived by Sutton Council and they can be seen here: Another portrait of Ehel (right) is from this page. The two photos labelled "Miss Burton" are dated 23 August 1915, five days before she married. Perhaps they were also made to give to Don before he went away to fight.
Above: Peter, Ethel, and Elizabeth at Marjorie's wedding to Charles Shippam on 28 June 1945.