For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

George Russell's letters to his brother Archie

12 October 1893

23 November 1893

Fri 2 March 1894


St. Andrew's House


Dear Arch,

Just a line to say that I’m all alive and kicking. We are going to break up on the 29th June for the Midsummer Holidays, & then I will leave the next day (Saturday) for Selangor by the ‘Sappho’.

I am sending you some Siamese etc, stamps & S.S. etc. Stamps, the stamps marked with a x are rare, those marked with xx are very rare & rest are common. I hope that you and Phil will get a good collection. Mind! Never give away your Book & always, if you can, keep duplicates so that if you accidentally tare a stamp you have another to replace it.

Never buy stamps if you can help it, but always change stamps that you have got besides the duplicates for others. There are also in this letter some stamps for Ernest, these are all marked with an E but yours are not marked at all except with a cross or two. Ask Ernest to try and get me a small handy book on “Model Boat Building” I hope that you are getting on well at school. How are Phil, Don and Bob.

Please write to me when you can you don’t know how nice it is to get a letter from one of you at home. Ask Phil to write. There has been a plague in Hong Kong.

No more news at present

I remain,

your loving brother,

George Russell

PS Piece of paper cut out because of the stamps making letter too heavy.

St. Andrews House,

Armenian Str.


Straits Settlements


Dear Arch,

I am glad to hear that you are quite well. I have received your letter. I hope you will get on well in the sports, and win some prize. To-day next month is your birthday, and I wish you many happy returns of the day. My birthday is on the 23 of November. Father is quite well, and so am I. How are you getting on at school, I hope you will do well.

Mr Steve Harper has given me a banjo and I am teaching myself to play. How are Don and Phil & Bob.

We are having a play this year called the “Talisman”. I am the principal actor in it. I will send you a programme when I get one.

I am your loving Brother

George Russell.

St. Andrews House



Friday, 2nd. 3.94.

Dear Archie,

The other day I got a letter from father and enclosed was a letter from you to him. I was very pleased to read it and it is a very good letter for you. How are Uncle and Aunt and Phil, Don, Bob and yourself. How are you getting on in school, what class are you in and what sums are you doing.

I am now learning Algebra, Latin, Euclid, Drawing and many other difficult subject. Last year I got first prize in my class. It was a book called “Cassells New Biographical Dictionary” and it is a very useful book.

We have just ended our months Chinese New Year Holidays. I did not go to Selangor for various reasons, but stayed in Singapore for my holiday. During the first week I stayed in Pasir Panjang, in the next two weeks at Mr Buckleys, and for the last week in Johor with Dato Meldrum. I suppose Bobby will soon be going to school.

Archie, will you please send me in your next letter a list of all your birthdays and ages, for I am not quite certain as to when they are. Ask Ernest and Katie to write to me, also Phil.

Next month we will close for Easter when we will get two weeks or ten days. I suppose I shall not get any ‘Easter eggs’.

Dear Archie, I must now say goodbye and send my hearty good wishes (for your welfare) in this letter, and I wish that I could come to England soon to speak with you and

I remain

your loving brother

George Russell.

P.S. Please write to me as often as possible. G.R.

Give stamps on this letter to Ernest.

Dear Arch,

I have this morning just received your letter, together with Phil’s and Aunt Nell’s. Today is my birthday and I have just received the letters from you all, they have arrived on the very day. Cissie Stutter sent me a necktie pin & father sent me a neckie. I am 14 years old. Did you have a nice birthday. I hope you did. I was unable to send you a card, because I had no money at the time. How is aunt, please write to me. What standard are you in school. I have not had a cake given to me this birthday. What class is Phil in. Give my love to Phil, Don & Bob.

Aunt tells me in her letter that Bob has had a fall. I hope he has not hurt himself much.

With love to Aunt, Uncle, Ernest and Katie, I remain

Your loving brother George Russell

P.S. I think that I may get a prize this year.

(Note: 23 November 1893 was George's 14 birthday)