For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

The Broadfoot Family

Compiled by Claire Grey from research by Geoffrey Swinfield with additional research online.

John was an angle iron smith and boilermaker journeyman. He married Jane Kidd, on the 25 June 1854 in the Gorbals, Glasgow. Jane was born there in 1838. They were both said to be “of this parish”, that is living in Laurieston. Laurieston is part of the district of Gorbals that is located on the south side of the River Clyde. On 24 May 1855 they had a son called John in Tradeston Glasgow, a district that is also south of river.  He died young. On 4 June 1857 Jane was in Ireland for the birth of their daughter Elizabeth. In 23 February 1859 they were back in Scotland in Tradeston, Glasgow for the birth of their son John Kidd. He also died young. Their children Elizabeth and John Kidd were baptised at St. Peter's Church, Liverpool on 2 May 1859.

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In Liverpool they lived at 2, Abbey Court, Abbey Street in Birkenhead. Once again they were living near the docks.  Journeyman may mean that John was offered pay on a day to day basis, which perhaps accounts for the family movements.

Their son Adam was born on 16 November 1860 at 2 Abbey Court, Birkenhead.  His father John registered the birth on 26th December 1860. Adam was christened on 4 March 1861 at St. Peters Liverpool.

The family can be found on the 1861 census at Abbey Court. John aged 29, boilermaker, his wife Jane aged 24, their daughter Elizabeth aged 3, son John aged 2, and son Adam aged 5 months. In 1864 they had a daughter called Jane, and a year later a son called James, then Georgina in 1866, and George David in 1870. By the time of the 1871 census they had moved to 14, Exmouth Street, with their 6 children and Jane's mother Elisabeth Rogers, aged 60, who was born in Ireland. In 1873 Jane had twins called Joshua and John, then Margaret in 1875 and Matilda in 1879. The 1881 census shows that they have crossed the Mersey to live in Toxteth at Laverock Bank. The schedule shows them with 7 children. Elizabeth, Adam and Joshua are missing. Son Adam aged 20 had left for Australia, but John's cousin Adam Broadfoot aged 49, born in Scotland, occupation: " labour" is staying with them.

By 1891 the family had moved to 345, Grafton Street, Toxteth. John aged 59 is still an angle iron smith and has "ship" written next to this. Jane the eldest daughter has become a draper's assistant, James is a general labourer, Georgina appears without a trade, Joshua is a ship's traveller apprentice, Margaret a confectioner apprentice and Mary a mantle maker apprentice. They are still living in the same house 10 years later at the time of the 1901 census. John is described as a retired Shipsmith. Only two children remain at home: Jane aged 37, a drapers assistant, and John a ship's rivetter.

When Adam emigrated to Australia he arrived with relatives whose address was also Lavrock Bank. It can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of the map on the right. Toxteth Dock is now filled in.

Adam and Mary's son John became an accountant. He married Gwenda Alison Perry a stenographer from Sans Souci NSW on 9 November 1935 at St Philips Church Sydney. Gwenda was born on 2 April 1908 in Sans Souci.  At the time of his father’s death in 1939 John was working at Coleman and Bath, Estate agents in Manly. John and Gwenda had three children, Joan, Rosslyn and John.

There is a Broadfoot family historical register in North Carolina. The curator is William A. Brobst. Broadfoot Family Historical Registry, 6072 Currituck Road, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949, 252-261-3068 Brobst-Hager@embarqmail.com

They have no records for John Turnball Broadfoot, born about 1831.

They think that the family name originates in Dumfries Scotland.



Adam became a railway engine smith. He emigrated to Australia in 1881, at the age of 20. His railway records suggest he lived in another state for 2 years before moving to NSW.  However he appears to have arrived on the ship “Blairgowrie” on 29th April 1881 and landed in NSW.  He could read and write and was going to live in Sydney with his Uncle Rt. Henderson.

He arrived with Alex and Elizabeth McPherson and their two children. Alex lived at a 5 Lavrock Bank off Wellington Road, Toxteth Park in Liverpool. He was aged 24 and a joiner. His wife was 23. They were both members of the Church of Scotland. Their two children were Margaret aged 3 and John aged one. Alex was the son of John and Janet McPherson and had been born in Lancashire. He had an uncle called R. Henderson. His wife Elizabeth had been born in Antrim in Ireland about 1856/7 and was the daughter of Robert and Jane Broadfoot of Antrim. (1) Both of their children were born in Lancashire.



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John Turnball Broadfoot was born in Preston, Scotland in about 1831/2. It lies north of East Linton.

Adam married Mary Theresa Darby on the 5 November 1892 at Woollahra Presbyterian Church NSW. He was aged 30 and living at Regent Street, Summerhill at the time of his marriage.  The following year he began his career with the railway. He worked as a blacksmith on Eveleigh and Newcastle stations. His wife Maria was born in Sydney and was living at 94 Buckingham Street in Sydney at the time of her marriage. Her father Richard was a railway guard and her mother was Theresa Sibney. Both Adam and Mary signed their names, which were witnessed by Alexander and Elizabeth McPherson.

Adam and Mary had one son called John Bowness Broadfoot on 5th July 1902 in Ashfield Sydney. His father registered his birth on Aug 4th.  Adam’s railway records show that he went on strike in 1917 was reinstated after a month. He retired in 1918 having served with the railway for 25 years. Mary Theresa died before 1935. Adam was admitted to hospital on 28th March 1939 and died of cystitis on 8 May 1939 at Liverpool State hospital NSW Australia. His last address was 64, Francis Street. He lived in Manly and had resided in NSW for 56 years. The hospital records show that he had another relative called Mrs. McPherson of 8, Mackay Street who was his sister.(2)

(1) & (2). It looks possible that Elizabeth McPherson was Adam's sister, and that this is either a mistake or she was brought up by Adam's parents John and Jane.