For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

The Perry Family compiled from research by Geoffrey Swinfield with additional research by Claire Grey.

Frederick and Emma's grave at Woronora General Cemetery, Sutherland, NSW, Anglican Section O, Grave 0014.

Photograph by David Rawsthorne.  

One of the great grandparents of Joan Broadfoot was Frederick Augustus Perry a contractor and labourer who was born in England in 1849/50. In Australia he married Emma Dent who was born in 1954/5 at Gannons Forest, New South Wales, Australia. She was living at Kingsgrove at the time of her marriage.

According to David Rawsthorne (1) Frederick was born in Somerset in 1849 and died on November 4th 1927. His wife’s full name was Emmaline. She was born 20 October 1854, at Kingsgrove, NSW, and died on 16 July 1943.

Frederick and Emma married in St George’s church on 4 January 1875 at Lords Forest, New South Wales. This is now a suburb of Sydney called Hurstville. (2) The groom signed his name while the bride made her mark in the presence of Richard Bennett and Eliza. Creamer.

Frederick and Emma had 3 sons, the youngest; Frederick Augustus was born on 22 May 1878 at Besborough, Gannon’s Forest, NSW. This is in Bexley, north east of Hurstville, Besborough became part of Bexley Park. This is now part of the Sydney suburb of Rockdale.

Frederick became a hairdresser. He also owned a garage.   When he was 23 he married Sarah Emily York on 5th June 1901 at St Michaels Church Surry Hills. (3) He was living at Newtown in Sydney. Sarah was born in 1869 in Redfern. She was a milliner at the time of her marriage and still living in Redfern.  Aged 31, she was 8 years older than Frederick. Her father was William York a Sawyer deceased and her mother Sarah Veale.  The witnesses were William York possibly the bride’s brother, and Edie E. York who may have been her sister.

On 2 April 1908 their daughter Gwenda Alison Perry was born at Sans Souci, on the western shores of Botany Bay. San Souci means ‘without care’ it was fairly isolated until the 1890s until a steam tram was introduced. This may explain why her father Frederick was both a hairdresser and garage proprietor.

Gwenda became a stenographer and was living at Randwick Sydney at the time of her marriage at the age of 27. She married John Bowness Broadfoot, an accountant who lived in Manly, on 9 November 1935, at St Phillips on York Street in Sydney. (4) The witnesses were Lance Graham and Sarah May.

They had 3 children including Joan Mary born at Manly.



Some of Emmaline Dent's relatives are shown below. There are 193 Dents on the Rawsthorne family tree. These are only her direct ancestors, compiled with information from David Rawsthorne’s web site. www.davidrawsthorne.com


The web site Family Search provides a history of the Perry line back to a John Perry in 1673 in Dowlish Wake, Somerset, England. We should be cautious about this information until we have checked all original sources.

James Morris appears to be a very early Australian settler. More can be found out about him here:


(1)David Rawsthorne’s web site:


(2) Lord's Forest was a small postal village in an agricultural district lying between the Cooks and Georges Rivers. The area was also known as Gannon's Forest. This is now a suburb of Sydney called Hurstville about 16 kilometres south of Sydney’s central business district. It is part of the St George area.  It was not named Hurstville until 1881.
The parish of St George was created in 1835.  In 1856 St George's Church of England opened on the corner of The Avenue and Forest Road, Hurstville. The graveyard situated next to St Georges Church of England had various titles - St George's Cemetery, St Georges Burial Ground, Lords Forest Cemetery etc. The graveyard was in use from 1856 till 1905, but is no longer in existence. There is a publication called "Hurstville Pioneers Down Under' by the Hurstville Family History Society, which is about the graveyard but it has only selected names in it not all the burials. In the 1871 census there were 2,038 people in the Parish. The local council has a good website which describes the history of the area.http://lmg.hurstville.nsw.gov.au/History-of-Hurstville.html An excellent timeline of the place can be found there http://lmg.hurstville.nsw.gov.au/Hurstville-City-Timeline.html Other sources of information might come from "Botany Bay Family History Society" and Hurstville Family History Society.

(3) This Anglican Church can be found at 196, Albion Street, Surry Hills East. The church has its own website.
http://www.surryhills.anglican.asn.au/index.php/about-us A history of this church can be found in the Australian National Library catalogue:http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/3296723

(4) St. Phillips church website : http://yorkstreetanglican.com/ A history of the church written in 1910 for its centenary is available at the Australian archives:http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/1661150 An on line history can be found at the state library for New South Wales.

(5) Thanks to Joe Flood for his e mail of May 2015 pointing out that the family search Perry information is incorrect. Joe Flood's "Ancestors of Les Flood 1919" is on rootsweb. http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=lesflood&id=I735

(6) Haselbury Plucknett information on wikipedia here.



Emma Dent’s grandfathers grave.

"Sacred to the memory of James Dent, who died Jan.y 16th 1837 aged 55 years.

A Loveing Husband and Father dear.

A faithful friend lies sleeping here.

In peace he livd in peace he died.

His life was craved but God denied.

Also Thomas Dent who died Jany 22 1829 aged 3 years


Photograph by David Rawsthorne.

Woronora Cemetery, Sutherland, NSW, Australia
Plot: Anglican Section H, Grave 0094

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The above tree appears to be inaccurate. Joe Flood (5) has pointed out that his research on the 1841 census, suggests that it is a different Benjamin Perry who married Mary Swaditch. ( The yellow line in above chart ) This Benjamin was born in 1771 at Haselbury Plucknett. (6) Mary died in Somerset and her son George emigrated in 1848. Benjamin's father was John Perry, but the name was very common in Somerset and there are eleven different possibilities who might have married a Sarah Hallett in 1759. The 1735 one was born in the same parish of Haselbury Plucknett and is likely to be correct. His father, also a John, was born about 1706. Joe Flood's research can be seen here and has been made into the chart below left.