For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

Richard Dearie:  picture sources:

1.Carte de Visite of Richard Dearie stamped on reverse C.B.Tinker Pittston. C.B.Tinker registered as a photographer on the 1870 census for America, by 1880 he calls himself a publisher.  Claire Grey re photographed the original in 1985 from the collection of Helen Russell.  The original owner could have been Jack Russell passed down to his son George, or more likely it was found in the belongings of Gertrude Fox who would have acquired it from her mother Annie Fox, nee Dearie, Richard's daughter.

2. Sheridan Knowles from Photo: Time Life Pictures. /Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Original Source: Published in ''A Collection of Literary Portraits from Fraser's Magazine'' 1833.  

More on Sheridan Knowles with a painting of him from the National Portrait Gallery, London:

3.St Georges Church in Bloomsbury is two minutes walk south from the British Museum. It has its own website:http://www.stgeorgesbloomsbury.org.uk/

4. 60 Warren Street, London, photographed by Claire Grey in 2009

5. John Dearie’s grave photographed by Dennis Dearie

6. Photographs of Nichols Square dated 1957 before it was demolished. From
Hackney Archives, 43 De Beauvoir Road, London, N1 5SQ, 020 7241 2886
www.hackney.gov.uk/ca-archives but originating from London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB, Tel: 020 7332 3820 Permission for use agreed: City of London, London Metropolitan Archives.

7.Glasgow Trades Hall photograph with permission of The Trades Hall of Glasgow Trust, 85 Glassford Street, Glasgow G1 1UH, 0141 552 2418

8.Pictures of Whitecross Debtors Prison can be seen at City of London, London Metropolitan Archives:http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk/collage/app?service=external/SearchResults&sp=Zwhitecross+prison

9.Calculation of the fine from the measuring worth website:

10. Photograph of Chapel Street now Hertford Street W1 by Claire Grey

Richard Dearie :Other Sources and links:

The national Library of Scotland has a map of Glasgow from 1822 

Information on the Weavers strike 1787 can be found at Glasgow Caledonian University web site: http://www.gcal.ac.uk/radicalglasgow/chapters/weavers.html

For a history of the Scottish Textile industry:

Gordon Adams site of the history of East Glasgow

 For a detailed map of London see Greenwood’s map of London 1824 to 1826

To read the case against Richard Dearie at the Old bailey: http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse.jsp?id=t18370403-1133&div=t18370403-1133&terms=Richard%20dearie#highlight

For Charles Dickens’ description of the Portugal Street Courthouse: