For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

Georgina Elenora Duncanson Freer Rough nee Hogg

2 October 1818- Nov 3 1874

Compiled by Claire Grey

Georgina Hogg was born in Perth on 2 October 1818. She was the third daughter of John Hogg, a jeweller from Perth and his wife Elizabeth Lydstone Mudgride from Dartmouth in Devon.

Her parents had married in August 1807 at St James Church, Westminster. Her sisters Eliza and Annie were born in the City of London. By the time she was born the family had moved to Perth in Scotland. She had one younger sister Agnes born in 1822 and two younger brothers Alfred and Oscar. Oscar was baptised in the Pomarium West Church. Pomarium was the weaver’s district of Perth so possibly this is where the family was living.

She is not on the 1841 census for Belgrave Lodge in Chiswick with her mother and siblings.

Georgina married Robert Rough, cabinet maker on 17 August 1843 at St. Nicholas Church, the parish church for Chiswick. His father was Robert Rough, glass maker deceased. Her father was John Hogg jeweller deceased. The witnesses were Charles Berkeley and John Jones. Her signature is almost illegible. Since Berkeley was used to name one of their children, and Robert's sister Jane Rough used it for ones of hers it is likely that they were was a "Rough"relative.

They lived at Sumners Court, Bishopsgate, where her first child Robert Rough was born on 13 June 1845 and baptised on 2 July 1845 at St Botolphs, Bishopsgate, London. In 1846 Georgina Mary Nina was born on 7 October and baptised on the 4 November at St. Botolphs. Her next two children Isabella and Frank did not live long.

On the 27 February 1850 John Freer Rough was born at 11 City Road Finsbury, the parish of St Luke. His father Robert Rough was described as an upholsterer.

On the 1851 census the family can be found living at 8 City Road, St Luke, with husband Robert and children Robert 5, Georgiana 4, John 1, and nieces Jane Burr 19, Isabella Burr 11 and Henry H. Pavell , aged 21, visitor, a wholesale draper salesman born in St Mary Woolchurch. (This could read as "Purcell" the same name as the future husband of Jane Burr and also a name given to one of Georgina Clark's children.) They also have a house servant and a nursemaid.

Robert’s sister had married a surveyor called Frederic Arthur Burr. According to Gertrude Fox’s notes, when Robert’s sister died the family had been left in Spain with no money. Her children Jane (? Jenni) and Isabella were taken in by Robert Rough “ educated and sharing all advantages” with the Rough children.

On 13 March 1853 Marianne Delia Lidstone Rough was born at 15 Brudnell Place, Hoxton New Town, Shoreditch. The father is Robert Rough upholsterer. Her mother’s full name is Georgina Elenora Duncanson Freer. She was baptised on 5 April 1853 at Christ Church, Hoxton.

In about 1855 Georgina’s sister Eliza's child Annie Dearie came to live with her aunt and uncle. From about 1859 to 1861 the family lived on Ludgate Hill. The next daughter Frederika Berkeley was born on 8 April 1859 at 5 Ludgate Hill St. Brides Parish, and baptised on 4 May 1859 at St Brides, Fleet Street. Her father Robert Rough upholsterer registered her birth on 18 May.

There are different directory addresses for Robert Rough. In 1856 he is recorded as a cabinetmaker, upholsterer, appraiser and undertaker at 5 Ludgate Hill and 23 Artillery Place Finsbury Square. On 25 October 1856 he applied to be admitted to the Freedom of the City of London. He recorded that his father was a plate glass manufacturer who was " late of South Shields, Durham".

The 1861 census at 5 Ludgate Hill shows Robert Rough upholsterer born in St Catherine London aged 44, Georgina his wife aged 43, Robert son aged 15, John son aged 11, Delia daughter aged 8, Fredericka daughter aged 2, Thomas Burr brother in law, 45, visitor, born Sandhurst Berkshire, Jane Burr niece 29, Isabella Burr niece 21, both the Burr sisters born in Haggerstone, Annie Dearie niece aged 19, with a servant, cook and housemaid. Their neighbours were a pianoforte and organ maker, a hosier and glove maker, a tea dealer and a linen draper.

It was from this house that Annie Dearie was married on 16 April 1863 to Charles Fox who was also in the furniture trade and possibly a colleague of Robert Roughs. He lived locally in the Parish of St Luke. The witnesses at Annie’s wedding were her uncle and aunt Robert and Georgina Rough, Isabella B. Burr and Thomas Fox. Annie gave her absent father Richard Dearie's occupation as Gentleman when in fact at the time he was calling himself a distiller.

The two Rough sons appear to have left no descendants. Robert Rough married quite late in life and had no children, his brother John died at the age of 36 and is buried with his parents. No marriage for him has been found. Marianne Delia died at the age of 27. The descendants of the family are from the Clarks and Riddells.

Robert Rough died on May 15 1866 at 6, St Paul’s Churchyard. His will was written on July 2 1859. He left £16.000 and all his property to his wife Georgina and entreats her to consult with Mr Thomas Paul in all matters relating to business. “Pray that the blessing of almighty God may be given to her that she may have strength and health to bring up our dear children in the fear of the Lord and in the right way.” The will was witnessed by Evan Jarrett of 1 Mary Street Arlington Square (later of 16 Anne Street, Union Square), also an upholsterer, and Laurence George Turner, who lived at 122 Gt. Suffolk Street Southwark.

Robert was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery. Georgina had bought the grave with room for 6 coffins on 16 May 1866, the day after his death. Her address was 36, Harcourt Terrace. Her son Robert’s address was 6, St Paul’s churchyard.

In a directory of 1870 Robert Rough and Mrs Rough were living at 48 Tavistock Square.

In the 1871 census she was living at 71, Friday Street in Minehead Somersetshire with two of her daughters Delia aged 18 and Frederica aged 11.

Georgina died on 3 November 1874 of “Cirrhosis hepatica” at the age of 57 at 36 Harcourt Terrace, South Kensington. Her death was registered by her son Robert Rough.

She was buried in Kensal Green with her husband. Her son John was also buried with them when he died in 1886.

Left: The grave at Kensal Green is the central obelisk. A testament to their wealth at the time.



One photograph exists which was thought to be of Robert Rough but it turns out to be an autographed photograph of Watts Phillips the famous artist and playwright. Perhaps Robert gave this to Annie his niece.

Watts Phillips was born on November 1825 and died in December 1874.

He lived in Paris where the carte de visite on the left was made. In London he lived on Eldon Rd, Kensington in 1855.

His signature from a book about his life matches the signature on the carte.

The book about his life can be read online:

His illustrated book: “The wild tribes of London” can also be read online:

Robert Rough's two sisters married two brothers called Burr who were both surveyors. Their father George Dominicus Burr was a professor of Military Drawing at the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. He had been asked to make detailed maps of the Spanish battles in Wellington's war against Napoleon. As he was too old for the surveying work he sent his son Frederick Arthur Burr to Spain to take all the measurements of the battle of Salamanca. (1812) Frederick and Jane Burr lived at 44 Brunswick Street, Hackney where their four children were born. Frederick left them behind in about 1841 to go to Spain and sent his surveys back to his father George who drew up the map in about 1844. It is now held in the National Archives. However both Frederick and his wife Jane appear to have died some time after 1843 and their four children, two girls and twin boys were alone in Spain. Rough family diaries record that Robert went to Spain to rescue the children. George, died in 1848 and Frederick John Burr, his twin, can be found living independently working as a draftsman in 1851. The two girls Jane and Isabella were brought up by Robert and Georgina Rough and can be found with the family on the 1851 and 1861 census. In 1867 Frederick John Burr and his sister Isabella were witnesses at the wedding of Georgina Rough and Thomas Clark in St Pancras Church. On the 1871 census at New Road, Dunster, Isabella Burr 31, is a visitor at the home of Thomas Clark, physic surgeon and his wife Georgina nee Rough with their children Janet aged 2, Ethel 1, and Robert 1 month.

The Burr sisters can be found living in at 27, Chepstow Villas in Kensington in 1891 when Jane was already a widow. By 1901 they were living at 103, Kingston Rd, Wimbledon. In 1911 they are at 203 Kingswood Road, Wimbledon. ( This may be the same place the original has not been seen.) Isabella Burr spinster aged 71 with private means, Jane Purcell her sister widowed aged 79 with private means, and their cousin Georgina Clarke nee (Rough) widow aged 64 also private means and two servants.

Frederica married William de Mornet Riddle and had two daughters who married and had children. Riddell's father was born in Scotland and his mother Julia De Mornet was born in India, but may have had a connection with Jersey. In 1891 William and Frederica Berkley were living in Dawlish. Gertrude Fox said they owned a hotel in Lynmouth, and they can be found there on the 1911 census at The Tors Hotel , Countisbury, Lynmouth, Devon. It has 60 rooms. William Riddell 59, now a hotel owner, Frederica Berkley 51 and their daughter Gertrude Delia 28. Also on the census there is their granddaughter Philippa Galfrida Le Gros, aged 4 . Winnifred had married Thomas Le Gros, a solicitor who also served as a captain in the Royal Field Artillery during WW1. His father was born in Jersey. One of Frederick Arthur's Burr's sisters Sophia Burr had married a James M. Simonet in 1816. Simonet was from St Helier and had links to the Le Gros family. Isabella Berkeley Burr, who never married, left her estate to Thomas Le Gros when she died in 1925. When Frederica Berkeley died on 31 July 1944, the probate was made by her daughter Gertrude Delia Mary who had married Guy Wolf Gotto. Guy was on the 1911 census aged 24 a solicitor's clerk, born in Bloomsbury. His father Alfred Wolf Gotto, 51, was a retired stationer born in Hampstead, while his mother Alice Margaret , 47, was born in Camberwell. He has a sister Doris aged 18, born in South Kensington. They are living at the Pook ,Pinkney Green, Maidenhead. He married Gertrude Riddell in 1914. A WW1 medal record exists for a Guy Wolf Gotto dated 1919 with the address of 7, St Loo Mansions, Chelsea SW3. He is recorded as attending Charterhouse School: " b. 3 Aug 1886, left L Q 1905, Oriel College, Oxford, B.A." They had "sons' according to Gertrude Fox's family tree.
Georgina married Thomas Clarke MD and had a large family. They can be found on the 1881 census living at Dunster Cottage, High Street, Dunster, Somerset with their six children and Frederica Rough aged 21 Georgina’s sister. Ida and Flora are the only children at home with their mother in 1901 in Dunster. Ida Purcell can be found on the 1911 census at the home of Alexander Christie aged 88, widower and retired bank secretary, born in Edinburgh and living at 38 Highbury New Park, Highbury. She married Alexander Christie aged 48 on 15 October 1912 at St. Stephens Church, South Kensington. Alexander was described as a gentleman and lived at 114, Cromwell Road. His father was Robert Christie deceased, a chartered accountant. Ida was 40 and lived at 12, ?Trelovir Road, Earls Court. The witnesses are D. E. Lawrie and ?Gertie Riddell. An Ida Purcell Christie died on 21 April 1958 in Edinburgh. It was thought that the Christies went to Australia and one of their descendants Molly Everall moved to Edinburgh where she lived for over 40 years from about 1946. She kept in touch with Hilda Russell until Hilda died. Her address was 3 Suffolk Road, Edinburgh.

Georgina's son Robert continued to run the family business. In 1877 numbers 1,3 and 5 Exhibition Road, South Kensington appear to be the Rough business premises. In 1879 Rough and Son cabinet- makers, upholsterers and estate agents auctioneers are still at 6 St Paul’s Churchyard and also at 38 Charles St. Old Street.

Marianne Rough married Robert Treloar, a floor cloth manufacturer in 1876 but she died very young. In 1891 and 1901 Robert Rough now listed as a carpet dealer, can be found on the census as a visitor at Robert Treloar's brother's house. In 1891 at 113, Church Road, Upper Norwood and in 1901 at 13, Beulah Hill, Croyden. William P. Treloar was also a carpet dealer as well as being a magistrate. William's oldest child was born in Oldham, Lancashire and his son Thomas was born in New Zealand in 1882. The Treloar family came from Potishead, Somerset. Gertrude Fox's notes say that he was Knight.

Robert was 53 when he married Jane Ellen (Nellie) Johnson in 1908. In 1911 they were living at 5, Baron Grove, London Road, Mitchum. He gave his age as 64 although he was actually 70. It seems from the presence of a nurse he may have already been ill. He died at Baron Grove in 1915.

Thomas Burr, Frederick Arthur Burr's brother, had emigrated to Australia as Deputy Surveyor General of South Australia. Isabella Rough had emigrated to South Australia with her husband Alfred Gillis. After the deaths of their first partners Isabella and Thomas married at Castlemain in 1857. Thomas returned to London for 2 years between 1860 and 1862 to seek more work and report to the National Geographical Society, which is why he can be found staying with his brother in law Robert Rough on the 1861 census. Isabella Rough and Thomas Burr may be the link to Australia for Georgina's brother Oscar Hogg. Oscar wanted to marry Jane Burr and when she refused him he went to Australia to make his fortune in the gold rush which started in about 1851. Oscar returned having failed to find any gold and married Sarah Penny in 1853. Jane married William Purcell in 1864.
Thanks to Tony Black for the information about the Burr family.
The London School of Photography was at 52 Cheapside from 1860 to 1876. This could be Robert Rough born 1845 or John Rough born 1850. The note inside the photo's case is in Gertrude Fox's handwriting. The "loved cousin" is probably her mother Annie Dearie. Annie was very fond of Robert so this is more likely to be him.