For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

Charles Dearie

? - 28 Nov 1818

Engraver, Sculptor

Collated by Claire Grey with information from Beatrix L. Walker of the Scots Ancestry Society from her research undertaken in September 1994 for David Lamb.


Charles Dearie was probably Richard Dearie’s Uncle.

In the records of Burgesses and Guild Bretheren of Glasgow there is a Charles Dearie listed as “ Hammerman” “by purchase 5 April 1808.

A list of those involved in the Scottish book trade includes him and it may be that he was an engraver of plates for book illustration. (1)

"DEARIE, Charles engraver

Glasgow Craig’s Closs, Trongate 1799-1801

124 Trongate 1803-18(2) .

Marriage and Children

Charles Dearie, engraver, married Helen McCallum on 17th May 1802. William Taylor one of the ministers of Glasgow married them. They had seven children.

The first born on 30th January 1803 was called Richard and is said to be “law.daur”. This may be a clerical error or it may be correct since Richard was sometimes used as a woman’s name in Scotland. Richard was followed by Margaret in 1805, Helen in 1807,and Charles in 1809 they were all born in Glasgow parish, the centre of the city. Perhaps they lived at the Trongate address that is given in the Glasgow directories.

Their next 3 children were born in the parish of Barony; Janet in 1811, Mary in 1813 and Dougald born 4th June, baptized 28 July 1816. The location given is Dundas Vale.

Buying Land(3)

In 1809 the Sasines Register (which records exchanges in land in Scotland) records that Charles began buying land.

“ June 14 1809 Charles Dearie engraver, Glasgow, seised June 10 1809 in 1 acre and 14 and a half falls of the lands and estate of Blythswood, on the west side of the road leading from Anderston to Napiershill..on feu Disp by the Trustees..selling..parts of the Entailed estate of Blythswood..May 1.22.1809 (PR 90.68)

In 1813 he sold part of this plot to his brother John.

“Sept 21 1813, John Dearie, weaver, Glasgow, seised Sept 18 1813, in 1 rood of ground with the dwelling house thereon..part of the 1 acre and 14 and half falls of the lands.. of Blythswood.. on Disp by Charles Dearie, engraver, Aug 31 1813” (PR 149.112)

Charles bought two more parcels of land in 1816.

“Feb 21 1816 Charles Dearie engraver, Glasgow, seised Feb. 21 1816 in 4564 20/36 square yards of ground..part of the lands of Blythswood”…(PR.189.12)

Mar 21 1816 Charles Dearie, engraver, Glasgow…seised Mar 20 1816 in 281 6/36 square yards.. part of the lands of Blythswood…” (PR 189.12)


Charles Dearie died on 28th November 1818. His will is dated 18 September 1819

Charles' Will

His widow Helen living at Dundas Vale inherited his money and possessions. His assets were considerable.

“There belonged to the said Defunct the sum of five hundred and forty pounds in the Ship Bank of Glasgow Together with the interest due thereon”

“Inventory of the personal Estate of the deceased Charles Dearie Engraver in Glasgow. There were adebted and owing and belonging to the said defunct at the time of decease which happened on 28th day of November last the sums of money following viz? The sum of £160.10.7. being the amount of sundry goods debts conform to list herewith exhibited- say £160.10.7.

Item The sum of £14.10.2 being the amount of sundry bad and doubtful debts specified in the said list—14.10.2

Item The sum of £540. Being the amount of cash belonging to him in the Ship Bank of Glasgow £540

Item The sum of £20 advanced towards paying of two shares held by him in the Union Canal £20

Item £203.6.1d being the amount of value of the working tools Household furniture plate and cloeths belonging to him value and appraised at the said sum conform to Inventory and valuation thereof, under the hands of William Moodie and Son Auctioneers and appraisers in the City of Glasgow dated 12 day of December last herewith Produced and referred to £203. 6.1 Amounting in all to the sum of £938. 6.10

At Glasgow the twentieth day of April 1819 years"

Depending on how this is calculated this is between £70.000 and £700.000 in today’s money.

His son Charles is noted as heir to his father in the “Service of Heirs records” for 1810-1819. Here his father is referred to as “sculptor” rather than engraver. His children are listed in the above document as Margaret, Helen, Janet, Mary and Dugald. Richard may have died. Charles is not mentioned here but inherited the three properties, excepting the rood that was acquired by his uncle John.

Helen Dearie

Helen Dearie can be found on the 1841 census aged 60 of independent means, with her daughter Helen Dearie aged 30, Mary Kerr, 7 and Archibald Kerr aged 5. Also Isabella Freebairn 25 a servant. Helen is living next door to John Dearie and his wife.(4)

The family search web site has a record of a Margaret Dearie marrying an Archibald Kerr in Glasgow on 14 December 1829, and of the birth of a daughter Mary on 19 June 1833 in Glasgow. It does not have a record of young Archibald’s birth. It is not known why these children were living with their grandmother.

The London Gazette of Saturday October 20 in 1860 records the marriage of a Mr J.J. Clarke, of Aldermanbury to Mary Dearie only daughter of the late A. Kerr Esq. of Glasgow. In Scotland widows often reverted to using their maiden names; so this may be why Mary is using Dearie, not Kerr.

Helen Mc Callum died on 2 December 1843, at Rosebank Cottage, St George’s Road.

Helen's Will

In her will she left her money to her daughter Helen.

“Inventory of the personal estate and effects of Mrs Helen McCallum or Dearie who resided at Rosebank Cottage St George’s Road Glasgow and who died there on or about the second day of December 1843 faithfully made and given up by Miss Helen Dearie daughter of the said deceased Mrs Helen McCallum or Dearie as one of the nearest in kin of the said deceased.- There was pertaining and belonging to the said deceased at the time of her death certain articles of household furniture and plenishing amounting as per inventory herewith produced under the hands of Robert Cule licensed appraiser in Glasgow to the sum of £68. 18. 9. Total amount of the deceased personal estate as far as is known to Deponent £68.18.9

Dougald Dearie 4 June 1816-?

Dougald was born on 4th June 1816 and baptized on 28th July in Barony. He has an unusual name and records have been found for a Dugald Dearie who married Barbara Black on 24 March 1846 at Rothesay, Bute, Scotland. If this were him he would have been 30. The Glasgow Herald carried this notice on Monday 30 March 1846 “At Hawthorne Park Rothesay on 24th inst. by Rev. Samuel Macnab- Dugald Dearie Esq. Merchant Calcutta to Barbara youngest daughter of Commander Black RN Rothesay.” (5) Perhaps Dougald was in partnership with his brother.

Helen Dearie Helen can be found on the 1851 census with her niece Mary Kerr at 13 Castle Street, Rothesay.(6)

It is not known what happened to Janet and Mary.

Charles Dearie East India Merchant 8 July 1809- September 1868

Charles Dearie's oldest son and heir, was also named Charles and became an East India merchant.

He inherited his fathers 3 properties, excepting the rood that was acquired by his uncle John in 1819.

In March 1838 Charles who is now a “merchant Calcutta, in East Indies”, sold the property he had inherited to Alexander Inverarity, who used it as security for a bond of £1800. On 12 December 1840 Charles bought the property back and cleared the bond on it by 21st April 1843 it was then described as St George’s Road.

Records of his arrivals and departures have been found in the newspapers. From Bengal India in February 1836,to Calcutta in August 1836, from Bombay in 1845. He appears to be trading under the name McLean, Dearie and Co. Hong Kong in 1846.


He married Christina Lamb, who was born in Scotland about 1817 although no record of this marriage in Scottish or English registers has been found. Possibly the marriage was before their first child’s birth in 1845.

He and Christina had a child called Jessie born in Highgate London on June 7th 1845, the birth also registered in Glasgow. The witnesses were John Dearie and Daniel McKenzie. His wife gave birth to twins in Liverpool on 30 August 1846. They both died the following day. His address was given as Highgate Rise, London. She had another daughter Ellen born at Highgate Rise on 25 September 1847.

In November 1847 his business began to suffer, as he was owed money. On 14 June 1848 he used his land as security to borrow £4000 “Charles Dearie sometime merchant Calcutta, now merchant London, and Robert Eglington, merchant June 5.9.1848.”

His wife had another son who died on 11 February at Highgate Rise.

In January 1850 he bought a further parcel of land: “Jan 2 1850 Charles Dearie merchant, London seized in an area of 413 square yards..on North west side of Grant street, and west north west side of Rosehall Street or St George’s Road…part of the Estate of Blythswood”.

In 1851 he was owed more money by bankrupt firms.

He had another daughter Mary born on 11 May 1851 at 17 Sydenham Park. The 1851 census for Sydenham Park shows him aged 38, his wife Christina aged 34, his daughter Jessie, 6 and Ellen aged 3. They had 2 servants: a cook and a nursery maid.

He dissolved his partnership with Robert Eglington in January 1853.

In October 1854 he himself was bankrupt and had to sell his land in 1856. The Sasines records show:

“July 26 1856 “The assignees and official assignee of the Estate and effects of Charles Dearie., Frederick Place, Old Jewry, London, merchants, dealer and Chapman, trading under the firm Charles Dearie and company, a Bankrupt, get certificate of appointment, Oct 30 1854, by the Commissioner under the bankrupt Act.”

The property is sold in parts on 20th June and 10th September 1856 to Robert Whyte cabinet maker and on 20th June and 8th August to John Russell. However he appears to continue working since a directory dated 1860 records him as; "East India Agent and merchant and ship and insurance broker, based at 3 Philpot Lane in the City.

His wife died in 1863 in Maidstone.

In 1865, he remarried and described himself as Gentleman. His second wife was Harriet Cooke a widow whose father John Figgs was a farmer.

His daughter Jessie married in the Congregationalist Church in Deptford High Street in October 1865 to John Archer a mercantile clerk. Her address was given as 94 Douglas Street Deptford. Her father was still describing himself as an East India Merchant.(7)

Dividends from his company were still being paid to creditors in December 1864 and March 1866.

He died in 1868 in Greenwich. His daughter Ellen died a few months later.

However his other two daughters Jessie and Mary survived. (8)

Records for the Glasgow Cathedral New Burying Ground show that a grave owned by his children was sold in 1873. “ William McClaren Merchant, 19 Nov 1827, John Lamb merchant reg. 24 April 1838 sold Oct 1873 by Jessie Arthur and Mary Dearie, 3 Silver Street Lewisham Kent children of Charles Dearie and grandchildren of John Lamb to John McWhirter 70 North Frederick St for £10.5s



(1) Address for catalogue which will download. http://www.nls.uk/catalogues/resources/sbti/sbti-a-m.pdf

(2) Glas Dir; Johnst3

(3)Scottish Land Purchase Terms:

Sasines, may be seisin (sees-in) n. an old feudal term for having both possession and title of real property.

Portion (er) PORTION. That part of a parent's estate, or the estate of one standing in loco parentis, which is given to a child

decreet [dɪˈkriːt] (Law) Scots law the final judgment or sentence of a court

declarator [dɪˈklærətə] (Law) Scots law an action seeking to have some right, status, etc., judicially ascertained

A Scottish rood (ruid in Lowland Scots, ròd in Scottish Gaelic) was a land measurement of Anglo-Saxon origin. It was in greatest use in the South East of Scotland, and along the border, whereas in the north various other systems were used, based on the land's productivity, rather than actual area. Four Scottish roods made up a Scottish acre.

(4) Piece: SCT1841/622 Place: Barony -Lanarkshire Enumeration District: 34 Civil Parish: Barony Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 69 Page: 11 Address: St Georges Road Surname First name(s) Sex Age Occupation Where Born Remarks

DEARIE Helen F 60 Independent Lanarkshire

DEARIE Helen F 30 Independent Lanarkshire

KERR Mary F 7 Lanarkshire

KERR Archd. M 5 Lanarkshire

FREEBAIRN Isabella F 25 Female Servant Lanarkshire

(5) A Dougald Dearie on the 1861 census for London aged 44, (born 1817) servant, St Botolphs without Bishopsgate. He is working for Charles J. Joffe. The 1861 census shows a family of Dearies in Thanet, Godric aged 15; Ellen, aged 13, and Mary aged 9. The death of a Dugald Dearie in Thanet in 1863 on 26 May at Chateau Belle Vue Margate. He was 47, his occupation given as Clerk. The death recorded by William Winterbottom, of the same address. There is a Thomas Dearie marrying in 1857 in Sheerness Kent who is a Royal Navy carpenter whose father was a pilot, also called Thomas so this family may be connected to him.

(6)Piece: SCT1851/558 Place: Rothesay -Bute Enumeration District: 19 Civil Parish: Rothesay Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Rothesay Folio: 0 Page: 5 Schedule: 21 Address: 13 Castle Street Surname First name(s) Rel Status Sex Age Occupation Where Born DEARIE Hellen Head U F 43 Annuitant Lanarkshire - Glasgow KERR Mary Niece U F 17 Student (Orig; Scholar) Lanarkshire - Glasgow

(7)Congregationalist Church in Deptford High Street . Now demolished it stood at number 124 Deptford High Street it is now the Job Centre.

(8) Mary Dearie was the grandmother of David Lamb who commissioned Beatrix L. Walker’s research. Contact was made with him by Claire Grey who was given his old address by a librarian at Chiswick local history library who remembered that another enquiry had been made about the name Dearie. This is an excellent argument for local personal research and for librarians in general!

Transcriptions of original documents can be found here.

Above: Four photographs of Frederick Place taken by Claire Grey in 2010