For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

John Drysdale's photograph album of Malayan Cement.

Photographs dated between 1947 and 1959

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Sir Gerald Templar (in white, with dark tie) arrived by helicopter. He and his wife were given a reception and a tour of the factory. John Drysdale speaking on 6 July 1953 at the opening of Malayan Cement.
Sir George Earl of Portland Cement with John Drysdale, wearing a bow tie. 1947.
Left : Photograph second from left on bottom row, dated 21.10.58 shows people panning with baskets in the water.
On reverse" A.E.L. inspecting Kiln at Kuala Lumpur Station. Picture on left "Tyre No.6"
Dated 1.12.58 Goodyear in centre of group, Hamilton on his right and Villiers on his left.
Alun Llewellyn on left, Villiers, unknown and Goodyear on right.
On reverse: " Malayan Cement the new gate-way. Brabant, Chapman & Goodyear 25/4/57" Chapman was later Non Exec Chairman of Blue Circle in 1977.
Dated 17.4.59 From left Villiers, Hamilton John Drysdale centre, Brabant.
Dated 17.4.59 From left: Brabant, Villiers, Hamilton Alun Llewellyn on right.
Hamilton in front of a girth gear kiln section, made by Vickers-Armstrongs Engineers Ltd. Barrow-in-Furness.
Colour Pictures left: The Sultan with John Drysdale at the opening of the extension to the works in 1959 .
Above from left: Alan Llewellyn, unknown, Goodyear and Harold Villiers
A.E Llewellyn on left, Villiers fourth from left.
Goodyear on left, standing next to Rita Drysdale in dark glasses, with Morag Llewellyn on her left. John Drysdale and Llewellyn on right.

MALAYAN CEMENT LIMITED (Incorporated in the Federation of Malaya)

Board of Directors: JOHN DRYSDALE, ESQ., C.B.E., J.M.N., P.J.K., J.P. (Chairman)





Agents and Secretaries: J. A. RUSSELL & CO., LTD.


Works Manager: H. J. HAMILTON, ESQ.


The date on the tinted picture must be a mistake.
Below: 1.12.58 Goodyear in centre of group.
C.C. Cox with Arthur Poole in the dark shorts.
From the left: C.C. Cox, Rita Drysdale, Viola Poole, Mrs Cox and Arthur Poole.
Possibly Goodyear on left, the first manager of the cement factory.
Above: From the left, John Drysdale, Sir Gerald Templar, George Earl, Rita Drysdale, Lady Templar, Mrs Earl or Mrs Villiers, Morag Llewellyn, Villiers and Brabant.